Laverstock and Ford Parish Council


Invitation to Tender:

External Review into Staff Capacity, Sub-Groups and Decision-Making Structures

Laverstock & Ford Parish (incorporating Laverstock, Ford, Bishopdown Farm, Hampton Park, Riverdown Park, Old Sarum, Longhedge and parts of Milford) is a progressive community of four very different localities adjoining the City of Salisbury, Wiltshire. It has a very ancient historic association which first linked the localities in to one administrative Parish but what keeps us together is a sense of community.

In 2016 our residents in the three thousand seven hundred plus households overwhelmingly voted to be managed by the collective administration of the Parish Council. Crucial to our ethos is that parish councillors serve as individuals and not as members of political parties. Decisions are made by the Parish Council in the best interest of our residents.

The Parish Council takes its responsibility of being the smallest unit of local government very seriously. It consults widely on important issues and believes very strongly that as well as being good at listening it must keep the residents well informed about what is happening around and about. Part of that process is our Parish Newsletter which is a bi-monthly publication along with our website.

We have several ‘Open Space’ developments taking place as a result of successful section 106 agreements at Old Sarum, Longhedge and Riverdown Park. Many volunteers work with the Parish Council, most pertinently on our Neighbourhood Plan which will replace the current Parish Plan and the development of the Management Plan relating to the new Castle Hill Country Park.

We are a proud parish council determined to serve our residents with respect and expediency. Currently our precept is one of the lowest in the County. Our working environment is changing and challenging; hence we are looking to the future and wish to commission the review to ensure we can continue to be the best.

If you believe you have the skills and expertise to lead this review, then please write to the Parish Clerk setting out your methodology, timetable including knowledge, skills and experience of this sector. The costs of this review will be agreed at interview.

Closing date: Friday 8th March 2019